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Transfer of natural resources management

1. What is management transfer?

It is the governmental authorization to the Community-Based Organization (CBO) to sustainably develop and protect renewable natural resources. The CBOs then will manage the natural resources and use them as revenue-generating sources for their own benefits, that of the Commune and for the sustainable development of the region and of the country. 

2. What are the natural resources allowed for management transfer?

All natural resources that can be renewed after exploitation: namely, forests, swamps, sources, coral reefs, sedge and papyrus, pasture zones. 

3. What is a Community-Based Organization (CBO)?

CBO is composed of a voluntary grouping of individuals, sharing the same interests and obeying to common life rules, for the management of local renewable natural resources. It gathers inhabitants of a hamlet, a village or a group of villages.
The Commune must be officially informed of the setting-up of a CBO.

CBO's structures are the General Assembly and the Management Committee.

  • The General Assembly is the decision-making body; and decisions must be taken consensually.
  • The Management Committee is the CBO's executive body; composed of a President, one Vice-President, one Treasurer, and one Secretary, all elected by the General Assembly.

4. Advantages of a management transfer? 

  • Natural resources, guaranteeing the population's survival, are not depleted
  • CBOs have sustainable revenues based on renewable natural resources.
  • CBOs are allowed to exploit those resources with new techniques that avoid drying up the resources, and allowed to manage the resulting revenues.
  • It is easier to get the exploitation permit for natural resources concerned with the management transfer.
  • CBOs benefit from trainings on sustainable management of forests, fund management, association empowerment, farming techniques, etc.

5. What steps are to be followed for a management transfer?

  • Information campaign on "management transfer at the level of fokontany (or village)";
  • Management transfer request of the natural resources by the population group to compose the CBO
  • Agreement from the natural resources managers (technical departments, Communes, etc.)
  • Drafting of necessary management documents. An agreement is done with the environmental mediator to draft those documents.
  • Negotiations and signature of the management transfer agreements.
  • Signature of the management transfer agreement.
  • Agreement for the management of the resources.

Source : Tany Meva

Source : ERI

6. Necessary paperwork for the management

  • Agreement on the natural resources management transfer
  • Development and management plan for the natural resources
  • Terms and conditions stating the respective rights and responsibilities of the three contracting entities (CBOs, Commune, State)
  • The "dina" stipulating the internal rules on the relationship between CBO members on the application of the agreement. This dina is also applicable to people outside of the organization, in case of non-respect of legislations in force in term of use of natural resources
  • CBO's existence file, which means, natural resources map, reasons for the management transfer, mapping of the resources vis-à-vis the community's territory, justification file of the delimitation, land-management plan, called SFR plan.

7. What are the strategies to ensure the success of a management transfer?

  • Improve the value-generation of the natural resources
  • Integrate the management transfer into such larger structures as communal or regional development plans, etc.
  • Reinforce the training and the follow-up of the CBOS, which should last for at least five years
  • Reinforce the relationship among CBOs and between the CBO and external contacts
  • Reinforce the support provided by the officials from the Forest Department to the CBO.

8. Potential partners

Financial support:

  • Fondation Tany Meva
  • Ny GEF / SGP
Technical support:
  • Ny SAGE
  • Ny SAHA