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MADAGASCAR: A Jewel Case of a Unique Nature

Fourth largest island in the world at 592 000 km ², Madagascar, located 400 km from Africa, surrounded on the East by the Indian Ocean and on the West by the Mozambique Channel, presents exceptional and varied aspects in many areas and especially in its biodiversity.

The endemic feature of its numerous flora and fauna species found in highly diverse natural habitats, puts Madagascar among the world's ten hotspots for biological diversity.

Its land and marine flora and fauna were abundant for a long time but which are now, often in danger of extinction...

Over 500 species are threatened:

Type  Plant Mammal Bird Reptile Amphibious Fish
Number of observed species  12000  160  283  26  238  165
Threatened species  280  45  35  20  55  73
Endemicity  96%  88%  51%  90%  99%  96%
(Source : Redlist IUCN)

These indications reveal the threats upon the ecosystems and biodiversity which are specific to the Big Island.